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bulk Black Tea Cups
Our History
Guizhou LingFeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd lies in Duyun, a scenic city that is named as “Global Green City”, “China 's top ten tea town”, “City of China Maojian Tea”. The company was established in Nov. 8th, 2011 with the registered capital of RMB 110,000,000. We mainly engage in tea planting and selling, tea garden tourism and tea products exportation and importation. The tea garden covers an area of 41.2 acres and a comprehensive base of tea industry chain is planned to be built within 5 years with an investment of RMB 500,000,000.
The company owns more than 280 acres tea mountains and introduces superior tea seedlings of Assam tea and red jade black tea from Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Fujian Province in China. The planting demonstration tea garden, which covers an area of more than 132 acres, has significant development under our intensive care. As the largest pioneer enterprise of Duyun Maojian tea, the company has steered local tea growers and producers towards standardized and normalized tea production.
Our Factory
We have built 3 production plants covering 15,000 square meters, a production line which can produce 200 tons of high quality black tea annually, and there are a production plant covering 15,000 square meters in process, including a tea food production line, a tea powder production line, a tea handicraft production line, two automated black green tea production lines for primary processing and refined processing respectively and a center for scientific testing and research development. In addition, we have a tea garden covering 1,000 mu for building a demonstration tea garden, which is to promote the domestic advanced tea garden management and protection technology. We produced 70 tons of black tea in 2015 with sales RMB40.97 million. In 2016, Duyun Maojian Black Tea was produced at 176 tons with sales RMB85.98 million. In 2017, Duyun Maojian Black Tea was produced at 247 tons with sales RMB85.28 million.
Our Product
With taking the construction of tea industry chain as the core, we establish our bases in Duyun for serving the whole province, the whole country and going global. Our science park has functionally integrated the scientific research, production, trade, industry service and tourism and leisure of tea industry as a whole, which is elaborately planned for large scale of construction and comprehensive functions and we will spare no efforts to create the best in our province, making famous tea industry brand park in the whole country.
Product Application
Milk tea raw materials;Tea food processing;Cosmetic raw materials;everyday life and so on.
Our Certificate
FDA,HACCP,Food production license,ISO9001,Organic Conversion Certificate,Eco origin certificate of product protection,Certificate of Registration,Pollution-free agricultural production certificate.
Production Equipment
Our company currently has a hand-made black tea production line with a daily output of 1 ton. The equipment is mainly used for traditional withering troughs, kneading machines, and rotary roasters. It has a 0.5 ton/hour fully automated refining production line with an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons. The equipment includes coarse fractionation system, classification system, color selection system, drying system, homogenization system, control system, etc. The production line is controlled by computers for production. , The product produced is stable and highly clean. There are 2 ultra-fine tea powder production lines, which can be used as raw materials for tea series derived products, and can also be sold separately according to customer needs.
Production Market
Our products are currently mainly exported to European and American markets, Middle East countries, Southeast Asian markets and a small part of the African market.
Our service
pre-sale service:
1. From the factory inspection, our company will conduct a random inspection of each shipment of manufactured goods;
2. Baking again, in order to ensure the quality of long-distance product transportation process, all products will be baked again to reduce the moisture content, to ensure that the transport process is not bad;
3. To strengthen the packaging, in order to avoid the squeezing and odor of the goods during the transportation process, our company repacks the goods after sealing the bags;
4. To communicate in a timely manner and re-confirm with the customer on the type of
goods, packaging methods, transportation weights, etc.;
5. For buyers at any time to visit my company and factories to provide a variety of facilities.
Sales service:
1. Prepare goods in the shortest possible time after the signing of the contract and timely delivery in accordance with the time specified by the buyer;
2. Actively cooperate with buyers to provide all kinds of information required for customs clearance and other related procedures;
3. In time with the freight forwarding to communicate the goods logistics information and feedback to the buyer;
After-sale service:
1. Inform the buyer of the best storage method and brewing method of black tea;
2. If the goods are damaged in the course of transportation, etc., they shall actively cooperate with the buyer to make related claims in accordance with relevant obligations in the trade terms.
3. If the goods are deteriorating before delivery, our company shall bear all responsibilities. If the goods are transported and other reasons cause the goods to be wet and deteriorated after the delivery is completed, we shall cooperate with the buyer to deal with the claims and provide the relevant proofs.

bulk Black Tea Cups

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