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China Outdoor Dual Spectrum Camera With Thermal Vision Continuous Zoom
Zhaosheng (Zhejiang) Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures, sales, and distributes technologies and products that relates to infrared technologies.
Since the foundation from 2011, our company was the first one in China who has devoted itself to the leading image core algorithm with the national patented technology of “No Shutting, Non-uniformity Calibrating Technology” (NST), which was also leading in the global scale. And we are still the main manufacturer of producing large quantity of NST thermal imaging core and related integrated systems currently in China.
Based on the developed NST technology, in 2012 we released the 1st generation NST core – M series, with which we also started promotion in the Chinese market.
From 2013 we opened our first oversea sales market – Russia. From this time, our NST cores had won a big sales record both domestically and internationally.
At the year of 2014 we release the 2nd generation of NST core – the light-weighted solution of ATOM series. At this same year, we decided to open a subcompany in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, which would concentrated in the research and developing of thermal imaging related opto-electrical technologies.
2015 and 2016 was a period of big events for our company: firstly during the year of 2015, we developed our first prototype of thermographic system iThermal series. Then we had been listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) board of China stock exchange system. We also had been designated as the Chinese national “High and New Technology Enterprises”. The yearly revenue first time in our history exceed 10M USD and to 12M USD.
At the year of 2017, we speeded our promoting in oversea market besides of Russia. We started to find more opportunities in MENA, European, SEA and more other regions all over the world. At this year, we also continued to release our new products – the upgraded thermographic systems – iThermal mini series.
By the year of 2018, our companies’ revenue as reached up to 15M USD in spite of the tendency of economic downturn in China, due to the expanding of our sales map and product line in the international market.China Outdoor Dual Spectrum Camera With Thermal Vision Continuous Zooming manufacturers

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